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Write-On Stones

Each kit includes 12 or 25 stones to write on,
and one silver permanent marker.

Customize your event with the Write-On stones. These smooth stones are hand-selected to write or to paint your favorite inspiration word, or guest name for a personalized table setting. Just use a permanent marker (included), and create your own wedding stones. You can write on stones as many times as you want with an ink remover. Great for table decoration, centerpieces, special events and party favors, invitations, anniversaries and gifts, team-building tools, arts and crafts, etc.

Stone Decorative Polished & Unpolished Stones to Write On
Stone Decorative's Stones to Write On

Stone Decorative's Collection of Natural Polished Stones for Landscaping, Gardens, Fireplaces, and Home Décor



Write-On Stones

Set it in stone with Stone Decorative’s high-end collection of WRITE-ON STONES. Each polished or semi-polished stone is hand selected for a most interesting shape and near perfect texture. The smooth surface of these gems make it the ideal canvas to write or paint on.


Stone Decorative’s stones to write on have a flat side with round edges, making them easy to work with and be imaginative. Create your own custom stones with a colored permanent marker or paint. Handwrite your favorite inspiration word or guest name for a personalized table setting. Event and wedding planners, look no more!


Display the Write-on stones on a guest table, use the decorated stones as a paperweight, fill baskets with personalized stones for a guest book. You can also use Stone Decorative’s Write-on Stone Kit as a fun, children arts and craft projects, party game, or team-building tool. The design possibilities are endless!

Available in pocket size (1 to 2”) to large tabletop pieces (4 to 5”), Stone Decorative’s Write-on stones are offered in a matte, semi-polished and a glossy high-polished finish. Each kit of 12 stones or 25 stones includes one metallic silver permanent marker (additional markers are sold separately). Use your Write-on stones as many times as you want with an ink remover, and set your artwork with a clear finish spray paint (both can be purchased at your local crafts or home hardware store).

Other finish, color, or size of stones to write on may be available; contact us for availability and pricing.
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