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Stones for Massage & Reflexology

Your choice of hand-selected natural massage stones

Ideal à-la-carte selection for hot or cold stone massage treatments that revive, restore, and re-energize. These highly smooth natural stones are sorted by hand for best quality and shape. The basalt massage stones retain heat, are naturally gray, and will turn black upon contact with water or massage oils. Our comprehensive collection includes specialized stones for hands, fingers, elbows, knees, feet, and back massage.

contact Stone Decorative for massage stones

 Massage Stones, XLarge
 4 1/2 – 5" (neck)

massage stones extra large for neck hot-stone massage
1 unit
9.00 US$
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 Massage Stones (2)
 for deep tissue / trigger

stones for deep tissue hot stone massage
2 stones
10.00 US$
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 Kobido Stones for Eyes (2)
 small 1 1/8" dia

small brown kobido stones for japanese massage
2 stones
10.00 US$
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