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Fire Stones & Fire Glass

Stones: One bag of 20 lb covers approx 1 sq.ft., ± 2” deep
Glass: One bag of 20 lb covers approx 2 to 2.5 sq.ft., ± 1” deep
Ceramic: One bag of 24 spheres covers approx 0.75 to 1 sq.ft.

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Two unique accessories for the no-log fireplace: Stone Decorative’s fire stones and crushed fire glass are ideal for ethanol, natural gas and propane fireplaces, firebowls and firepits. The natural fire stones are heat-resistant basalt volcanic rocks sorted by hand for best appeal. Stone Decorative’s fire glass is environmentally safe and will add pizzazz to any indoor or outdoor fireplaces. Use the fire stones or fireglass alone, or combine them for a stylish effect. Read more about our fire stones and fire glass collection. View our gallery of inspiration.

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 Ceramic Fireballs, Beige
 2" Dia, Set of 24

Stone Decorative 2" Ceramic Balls Set for Fireplace
2-2.5" set of 24
189.00 US$
99.00 US$
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Stone Decorative Basalt Heat-Resistant Rocks for Fireplaces

 Reflective Crushed Glass Copper

1/4-1/2" 20 lb
89.00 US$
79.00 US$
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Mix and Match with Fire Stones:  
119.00 US$
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Off-White/Light Gray
119.00 US$
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Stone Decorative Colored Fire Glass for Gas & Ethanol Fireplaces

Stone Decorative's Collection of Natural Polished Stones for Landscaping, Gardens, Fireplaces, and Home Décor



Fire Stones & Fire Glass

Looking to upgrade your gas, propane, or ethanol fireplace? Stone Decorative offers an exquisite collection of topping media for your outdoor or indoor fireplace.

OUR FIRE STONES COLLECTION is perhaps our most popular amongst home owners and hearth and home professionals. Stone Decorative’s exclusive series of volcanic basalt fire stones is offered in these natural colors:
• slate-black (medium to dark gray)
• off-white/light gray (egg shell to gray tones)
• ivory-tan (beige tones)

For nearly 10 years now, home owners, fireplace manufacturers, and other industry professional have used our natural basalt fire stones with units ranging from 15,000 to 210,000 BTUs. The fire stones can be placed to hide all piping or other inserts, with or without covering the burner.  The stones can be washed with lukewarm water and soap to help remove any oil, residue, or dirt. Stone Decorative’s fire stones can be used alone or in combination with our colored fire glass.

You can also stack or place side by side our CERAMIC FIREBALLS to give a uniquely different, more rustic appearance to your fire unit. Each sphere is about 2 to 2.5 inch in diameter, is textured and dipped in a matte beige (light terra cotta) stain which gives each fireball a distinctive weathered finish.

Vibrant and elegant, choose from our selection of FIRE GLASS. Stone Decorative’s crushed, reflective crushed, and pebble fire glass is environmentally safe and will add pizzazz to any indoor or outdoor fireplaces. Use as a bed for the fire stones or alone as a brilliant replacement to logs or lava rocks, the fire glass is available in sizes ranging from ¼” to 1”. Choose from these complementary colors, with a reflective (metallic) side, simply crushed, or as a pebble shape:
• black (onyx)
• clear (ice, transparent)
• copper (brown, coffee)
• gray (gunmetal)
• aqua blue (light, water blue)
• blue diamond (bright, cobalt blue)

Stone Decorative’s fire glass will resist to the heat generated by gas fireplaces, fire bowls, and fire pits. Easy to use and install, the fire glass will not melt or generate fumes or smoke. Read more about our fire stones and glass collections.

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Our goal at Stone Decorative is to provide architects and design professionals, home and business owners, and manufacturers and retailers with a vast collection of fire stones and fire glass.To spark your imagination, take a look at our inspiration gallery for home and garden projects of all sizes and styles. Questions or comments? Call us at 877-944-0707 (in the U.S.) or 877-935-0707 (in Canada), Monday through Friday. You can also email us at . We look forward to hearing from you.

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