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Engraving & Craft Stones

Packaging: 22 lb
Count (approx): 1-2" (120-130 stones), 2-3" (40-90 stones), 3-4" (20-40 stones) 

A unique collection of polished, smooth natural engraving & craft stones. Beautiful in any color, these hand-selected stones are available in various sizes. Their almost uniform shape and non-porous texture will enhance any artwork … an artist’s dream canvas! Use the engraving & craft stones for laser engraving, sand-blasting, calligraphy, or even painting.

Stone Decorative Engrave & Paint Smooth Polished Stones

Stone Decorative's Collection of Natural Polished Stones for Landscaping, Gardens, Fireplaces, and Home Décor



Engraving Stones

The exclusive STONES FOR ENGRAVING series are hand-selected for their natural beauty to create beautiful artistic message stones that will last a lifetime. Use them as customized gifts, wedding or birthday giveaways, memorials or affirmation stones. Each one-of-a-kind creation will personalize any office article, home decor, garden and even a water fountain.

With their flat surface and more uniform shape, texture, and color, Stone Decorative’s stones for engraving can easily be used with a laser cutter or sand-blaster. Their engraving quality make them also a perfect canvas for stamping, hand-calligraphy, and painting. Our stones are natural, fine-grained, with no added coating or polish for an ideal surface to work with.

Their versatile, natural-tone color palette will blend with any indoor or outdoor décor. Available in sizes ranging from 1 to 2” to 3 to 4”, Stone Decorative’s engraving stones are flat, smooth with rounded edges, and are offered in these semi-polished (matte) or highly-polished (glossy) colors:

• slate-black (medium to dark gray)

• off-white/light gray (egg shell to light gray tones)

• black

Here are some more creative ideas to display engraved stones:

Marker for memorial • memory stone • affirmation stone • inspirational message • keepsake • wedding gift • celebration favor • retirement gift • award stone • table place “card” • desktop paperweight • trade show giveaway • corporate logo item • business “card” • welcome sign • garden decoration • landscape decor accent • herb garden marker • water fountain • wishing stone • pet stone

For hand-selected kits of stones to write on, please go to the Write-On Stones page. Stone Decorative also offers a high-end hand-picked collection of stones to engrave.

Other polished engraving stones may be available; contact us with your specifications for availability and pricing.

Wholesale volume discounts are offered to engravers, artists, and other industry professionals; email us at .

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