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Decorative Glass

One bag of 10 lb covers approx 1.25 sq.ft., ± 1” deep
One ton (2000 lb) covers approx 125 sq.ft., ± 2” deep

The power of glass is unsurpassed! You can use many different types of material to create interesting decorative features, and Stone Decorative’s glass is certainly one of them! Colorful and non-toxic, our glass has a dramatic effect in many applications: landscaping, flower beds, lawn edging, ponds and fountains, flower vases, arts and crafts, and in a multitude of design projects. Choose between our crushed glass or glass pebbles. View our gallery of inspiration for more ideas on how to use the decorative glass.

 Reflective Crushed Glass

1/4-1/2" 10 lb
44.50 US$
39.50 US$
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  1 Ton
3450.00 US$

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Stone Decorative Colored Crushed Glass Landscape Design

Stone Decorative's Collection of Natural Polished Stones for Landscaping, Gardens, Fireplaces, and Home Décor



Decorative Glass

Considering adding color to your garden path, walkway, pond, or flagstone filler? Stone Decorative offers a sparkling collection of decorative colored crushed and pebble glass to boost your design imagination. Our landscape glass is also a dazzling alternative to mulch, bark, or gravel. Mix our colored glass to concrete for a non-skid, reflective terrazzo effect.


Bright and versatile, choose from our many colors of DECORATIVE GLASS. Stone Decorative’s crushed, reflective crushed, and pebble glass is environmentally safe and will add a distinct sparkle to your tablesetting, home décor, and flower display. Easy to use as a vase or bowl filler for centerpieces, flower arrangements, and even aquariums.


Have a look at these vibrant colors, with a reflective (metallic) side, simply crushed, or as a multi-shape pebble form:

• black (onyx, dark gray)

• clear (ice, transparent)

• copper (brown, coffee)

• gray (gunmetal)

• aqua blue (light, water blue)

• blue diamond (bright, cobalt blue)



Did you know that our decorative landscape glass can also act as a natural deterrent to uninvited slugs or earthworms that are ruining your plants? Try it! Glass with sharp or coarse edges deter these pests, to some extent, from invading your garden.



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Our goal at Stone Decorative is to provide landscape and design professionals, home and business owners, and contractors and retailers with a vast collection of natural decorative stone products. To spark your imagination, take a look at our inspiration gallery for home and garden projects of all sizes and styles. Questions or comments? Call us at 877-944-0707 (in the U.S.) or 877-935-0707 (in Canada), Monday through Friday. You can also email us at . We look forward to hearing from you.

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