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Garden Stones

One bag of 22 lb covers 1 to 1.5 sq.ft., ± 2” deep
One ton (2000 lb/91 bags) covers 110 to 125 sq.ft., ± 2” deep

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Great assortment of sizes and rich colors, the naturally polished Garden and Signature stones are smooth, non‑porous, cleaned, and ready to use for a most natural look. Ideal choice for all small to large landscaping projects, indoor and outdoor gardens, planters and rock gardens, flower arrangements and vases, displays, and décor accents, etc. View our gallery of inspiration for more ideas on landscaping with stones.

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 Signature Stones
 Semi-Polished Beige

Stone Decorative Smooth Beige Tan Rounded Flat Stones
4-6" 22 lb
34.97 US$
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 Garden Highly-Polished
 Off-WhiteStone Decorative Polished Glossy Off-White Stones

1-2" 22 lb
28.50 US$
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91+ Ton
16.40 US$
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Stone Decorative Polished Pebble Stones for Landscaping


 Natural Slate Chippings

Stone Decorative Slate Chippings 

Great for ground cover, gardens, borders, pathways, water features, and even as a decorative weed suppressant and plant mulch. Flat and angular, the slate chippings will lay flat very quickly and require very low maintenance. This slate is also a safe option for flat roof covering or ballasted / green roofs. This stone is gray when dry, black when wet.

1-2" 44 lb
13.99 US$
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  1 Ton
490.00 US$

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Stone Decorative's Collection of Natural Polished Stones for Landscaping, Gardens, Fireplaces, and Home Décor



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