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About Stone Decorative

Stone Decorative is a North-American company based in Champlain, New York and Montreal, Canada.

We search the world for distinctive stones that are specifically selected for their exceptional decorative appeal.

From Asia, Indochina, South America, and beyond, we scour beaches for the most symmetrical, uniformly sized and colored stones the Earth has brought forth.


These premium stones are hand-selected by geology enthusiasts with a keen eye for quality. Stone Decorative products make perfect gifts and are great complement to any interior design projects.

Whether you're an interior designer, architect, florist, visual merchandising specialist or simply someone searching for unique, decorative stones for your home or business, you'll discover the finest products at Stone Decorative.

Stone Decorative are not your typical river rocks. Local river rocks are usually awkwardly shaped and colored. Our decorative stones are surprisingly distinct.


Although no two stones are exactly alike, we carefully select and sort them to give you the most uniform sizes and shapes available anywhere.

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